Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Fullerton Hotel Singapore

In Singapore, you can stay in Fullerton Hotel Singapore. It is necessary if you want to go to many different places. Why is that so? Because this hotel is near many buildings and exciting place. So, what are the recommended places to make your holiday with your family more memorable? Here is the list.

Merlion Park

If you know Singapore, of course, you will appreciate Merlion. Merlion is a sculpture that represents this country. The head of this sculpture is the lion, and the lower part is a fish. That is why this country’s name is “Singa”. “Singa” is another word for lion.

Merlion Park is a landmark of Singapore that can you reach only 90 meters from Fullerton Hotel Singapore. This place is amazing and the sculpture is very big. Many people from all over the world take some pictures there.

Many people say that you are not in Singapore yet if you do not have any photographs of Merlion. Maybe that is true because landmark is very important for a country. So, if you take some selfies there, that will be more memorable.

Raffles Place MRT Station

Singapore is famous for its convenient transportation. This country has MRT or Mass Rapid Transit. You can go there only 311 meters away from Fullerton. So, if you want to sightsee with comfortable and convenient transportation, you can go there.

Odette – National Gallery Singapore

Many people like to eat food from a fabulous restaurant. If you are one of them, you can go to Odette – National Gallery Singapore. It takes only a few minutes to visit there. It is about 426 meters only from the hotel.

The atmosphere of this place is warm. It has a white decoration that makes the vibes more romantic. You can order many kinds of food that are very delicious. Not only have good taste, but the food is also cute. You can get some photographs of the food there.

Prudential Tower

Not all tourists go to Singapore for fun. Some of them are on a business trip. If you have a business in Prudential Tower, staying at Fullerton Hotel Singapore will be great. Why is that so? Because you can reach the building only 500 meters away from the hotel.

Many places and buildings are near this hotel. That’s why many people tend to stay there because the location is strategic. Not only that, the access to go to many places is reliable. When you are done with the task of having fun, you can have a relaxed time at the hotel.

The services are good, and the facilities are complete. So, you can make sure that you will be happy during your vacation or business trip. If you see this review as good Singapore Staycation Deals, you can easily search for the price of the hotel reservation. It will be more affordable if you get a good deal. Many discounts can you get, if you reserve now.

By Drajad